Insurance companies in Canada

Within Canada, like other countries, insurers provide products and services for car insurance, home insurance, business insurance as well as life insurance.

Canadian Universal Health Care System and Private Health Insurance

Within Canada, its eligible citizens and residents have a government funded universal health insurance system. This system is funded through a tax supported system with healthcare costs regulated. The private healthcare insurance industry can provide services that are not currently covered under the public insurance scheme or province insurance plan. These non covered services may include private hospital beds, prescription eyeglasses, dental care, certain prescription drugs and others.

Sun Life Financial Canada Sun Life Financial CanadaCanadan/aWaterloo, Calgary, Edmonton, Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto1871lifeSun Life Financialadvice and products to 6 million Canadians
Manulife Financial Manulife FinancialCanadan/aoffices in Alberta, British Columbia, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Quebec1887n/aManulife Financialmillions, serves 1 in 5 Canadians.
Intact Insurance Intact InsuranceCanadan/aoffices in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, British Columbia, Victoria and Alberta1809n/aIntact Financial Corp4 million customers nationwide
Great West Life Great West LifeCanadan/aover 100 offices across Canada1891n/an/aalong with its subsidiaries - 12 million people
State Farm Canada State Farm CanadaCanadaTerm Life, Life7 operations centres1938autoState Farm (USA)1.2 million households including 1 million policies for automobiles